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J&P Deconstruction has developed and continues to develop various policies and procedures for the benefit all those that work and are associated with the company.

It is important that all employees and sub-contractors familiarise themselves with all company policies and procedures as listed below.

It is also important that company policies and procedures are reviewed from time to time as they are updated.

A policy or procedure will be implemented by means of the following:

The setting of appropriate company standards to maintain safe systems or work.  Where statutory requirements, codes or standards exist, J&P Deconstruction’s standards will meet or exceed them.

Regular Reviews
A regular review and upgrading of J&P Deconstruction’s standards to reflect changes.

Consultation with employees of their responsibilities for safety and health at work.

Informing all employees of their responsibilities for safety and health matters and to ensure that they discharge them effectively.

Advising contractors of their responsibilities for the health and safety of their employees whilst on J&P Deconstruction’s  premises or performing tasks on behalf of J&P Deconstruction.

Compliance with the policy will be monitored by regular auditing.

J&P Deconstruction recognises its obligations under the Work, Health and Safety Act 2020 to provide as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy workplace for its workers and others who may visit or work with us from time to time.


  • To give safety matters equal status with other business objectives.
  • To provide work facilities that minimise risk to workers.
  • To audit and continually strive to improve work, health and safety procedures.
  • To employ competent, trained personnel.
  • To have workers recognise their responsibilities in identifying, reporting and eliminating hazards in the work place.
  • To have employees participate in rehabilitation programs for employees.
  • To have sub-contractors and other parties adhere to J&P Deconstruction’s work, health and safety policies on our site and assist in the identification of hazards.

In compliance with our safety policy, J&P Deconstruction has set the following goals:

  • To provide a copy of the Employment and Safety Handbook to each worker.
  • To provide a manual to selected clients (such as in a tender situation).
  • To put in place control measures to reduce, if not eliminate the risks of foreseeable and preventable accidents and injuries.
  • To provide a safe and healthy workplace for all.

J&P Deconstruction, in its quest to maximise safety for its workers have set the following requirements:

  • Each new worker must attend the relevant induction program.
  • Training for managers and supervisors in safety and safe work practices.
  • Regularly undertake safety audits at work sites to ensure safe work procedures are in place and adhered to.
  • Preparation of an operational procedure for reference purposes.

Accidents and injuries should be reported to the relevant manager or supervisor as soon as reasonably practicable and entered into the injury register.

In the event that anyone is injured in the course of their employment, J&P Deconstruction has a return to work policy to assist employees back into the workplace as soon as possible.

As with all deconstruction projects, the emphasis is on team work within J&P Deconstruction.  Discussion on all issues concerning Work, Health and Safety are a pre-requisite when commencing each project.

To achieve our Zero Tolerance stance on incident/accidents J&P Deconstruction produces a comprehensive Work Plan and Safety Management Programme for each project.
J&P Deconstruction has extensive experience in the safe removal of asbestos and associated hazardous materials.  A safe work procedure has been developed by us.