Contract: Demolition, removal & disposal of redundant plant & equipment and remediation of old process ponds.


JPD dismantled, removed & disposed of ammonia gantry, stacks, tanks, caustic tank, ventilation system, storage silos, compressor piping, compressors, receivers, pipe work, pipe supports, hangers and redundant equipment. JPD removed the concrete plinths beneath the compressors and repaired the floor to match the existing concrete. All existing cable trenches were cleaned, repaired and covers made good.

JPD removed and disposed the pond liners and internal fence and return Pond 1 & Pond 2 to average ground level. Soil sampling and remediation of the area was undertaken to ensure no environment liabilities remain. Details of the soil sampling, treatment and analysis was provided. Vegetation through the pond area was removed prior to remediation, to avoid deleterious materials entering the areas of back fill and compaction. Compaction certificates were provided.